Summer 2022 Live Music & Events

Summer 2022

Live Music & Events

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Origins Cannabis Co

Great Northern Docks

Cushnoc Brewing Co.

Hammond Lumber Co.

Benjamin Moore

Saddleback Maine

Pinnacle Tree Service

Wednesday, June 1st 5pm-9pm Paddle For Pine Tree Camp Telethon with Jason Spooner

*Free and open to the public

Thursday, June 2nd 6pm-9pm Rob Burnell
Friday, June 3rd 6pm-9pm Brett Shain
Saturday, June 4th 6pm-9pm Summer Concert: Dyer & The Daydreamers (FREE)
Sunday, June 5th 4pm-7pm John Hasnip
Thursday, June 9th 6pm-9pm Aaron Nadeau
Friday, June 10th 6pm-9pm Robin Cottle
Saturday, June 11th 6pm-9pm Travis James Humphrey
Sunday, June 12th 4pm-7pm Lee Sykes
Monday, June 13th 4pm-7pm Private Event – Closed to the public at 4pm
Thursday, June 16th 6pm-9pm Steve Vellani
Friday, June 17th 6pm-9pm Jay McClure
Saturday, June 18th 6pm-9pm Peter Carriveau
Sunday, June 19th 4pm-7pm Mike Preston
Tuesday, June 21st 5pm-8pm Summer Solstice Drum Circle with Mike Eldridge
Thursday, June 23rd 6pm-9pm Jack Duggins
Friday, June 24th 6pm-9pm Shane McNear
Saturday, June 25th 6pm-9pm Scott & Ernie Gagne
Sunday, June 26th 4pm-7pm Dave Moretti
Wednesday, June 29th All Day Maine Celebrity Classic (Ticketed Event)

To benefit the Harold Alfond Center for Kids and the Augusta Teen Center

Thursday, June 30th 6pm-9pm Katie Dagger
Friday, July 1st 6pm-9pm Sam Shain
Saturday, July 2nd 6pm-9pm Steve Jones & Erik Glockler
Sunday, July 3rd 4pm-7pm Lindsey Montana
Thursday, July 7th 6pm-9pm Aaron Nadeau
Friday, July 8th 6pm-9pm Whiskey Dan
Saturday, July 9th 6pm-9pm Rodney Sturdee
Sunday, July 10th 4pm-7pm Maine Cabin Masters Lobster Bake (Ticketed Event)

With Ron Bergeron

Thursday, July 14th 6pm-9pm Michael Krapovicky
Friday, July 15th 6pm-9pm Jay McClure
Saturday, July 16th 6pm-9pm Kaia Mac
Sunday, July 17th 4pm-7pm Drum Circle with Mike Eldridge
Thursday, July 21st 6pm-9pm Steve Vellanie
Friday, July 22nd 6pm-9pm Corey Hinkle
Saturday, July 23rd 6pm-9pm Brett Shain
Sunday, July 24th 4pm-7pm Lee Sykes
Thursday, July 28th 6pm-9pm Jack Duggins
Friday, July 29th 6pm-9pm Scott & Ernie Gagne
Saturday, July 30th 6pm-9pm Jay Larkin
Sunday, July 31st 4pm-7pm Lee Sykes
Thursday, August 4th 6pm-9pm Aaron Nadeau
Friday, August 5th 6pm-9pm

Summer Concert: JELS (Feat. Members of Strangefolk) – Ticketed Event

Jon Trafton, Erik Glockler, Luke Smith and Steve Jones

Saturday, August 6th 6pm-9pm

Summer Concert: JELS (Feat. Members of Strangefolk) – Ticketed Event

Jon Trafton, Erik Glockler, Luke Smith and Steve Jones

Sunday, August 7th 4pm-7pm Rob Burnell
Thursday, August 11th 6pm-9pm Jack Duggins
Friday, August 12th 6pm-9pm Peter Carriveau
Saturday, August 13th 6pm-9pm Robin Cottle
Sunday, August 14th 4pm-7pm Lee Sykes
Wednesday, August 17th 4pm-7pm Drum Circle with Mike Eldridge
Thursday, August 18th 6pm-9pm Doug Morgan
Friday, August 19th 6pm-9pm Whiskey Dan
Saturday, August 20th 6pm-9pm Stephanie Ryann
Sunday, August 21st 4pm-7pm

Maine Cabin Masters Lobster Bake (Ticketed Event)

With Lee Sykes                  

Thursday, August 25th 6pm-9pm Eammon McKinney
Friday, August 26th 6pm-9pm Kaia Mac
Saturday, August 27th 4pm-9pm

Fran’s Army Fundraiser (Ticketed Event)

To Benefit The Dempsey Center For Cancer 

Feat. The Mallett Brothers Band

Sunday, August 28th 4pm-7pm Lee Sykes
Thursday, September 1st 6pm-9pm Rick Ray
Friday, September 2nd 6pm-9pm Jay McClure
Saturday, September 3rd 5pm-8pm Jason Spooner
Sunday, September 4th 4pm-7pm John Hasnip
Thursday, September 8th 5pm-8pm Aaron Nadeau
Friday, September 9th 5pm-8pm Mason Strunk
Saturday, September 10th 5pm-8pm Steve Jones & Erik Glockler
Sunday, September 11th 4pm-7pm Maine Cabin Masters Lobster Bake (Ticketed Event)
Thursday, September 15th 5pm-8pm Steve Vellani
Friday, September 16th 5pm-8pm Shawn Mercer
Saturday, September 17th 5pm-8pm Rodney Sturdee
Sunday, September 18th 4pm-7pm Katie Dagger
Wednesday, September 21st 4pm-7pm Drum Circle with Mike Eldridge
Thursday, September 22nd 5pm-8pm Lindsey Montana
Friday, September 23rd 5pm-8pm Shane McNear
Saturday, September 24th 5pm-8pm The Donovan Project
Sunday, September 25th 4pm-7pm

Mug Club Member Pig Roast 

With Jordan Kaulback

Thursday, September 29th 5pm-8pm Rob Burnell
Friday, September 30th 5pm-8pm Dave Moretti
Saturday, October 1st 5pm-8pm Travis James Humphrey
Sunday, October 2nd 4pm-7pm Lee Sykes
Thursday, October 6th 5pm-8pm Aaron Nadeau
Friday, October 7th 5pm-8pm Jay McClure
Saturday, October 8th 5pm-8pm Hallpass Bluegrass
Sunday, October 9th 4pm-7pm Jay Larkin
Thursday, October 13th 5pm-8pm Mike Preston
Friday, October 14th 5pm-8pm Scott & Ernie Gagne
Saturday, October 15th 6pm-9pm

Summer Concert: Maine Dead Project – Ticketed Event

Sunday, October 16th 4pm-7pm Rick Ray
Thursday, October 20th 5pm-8pm Steve Vellani
Friday, October 21st 5pm-8pm Michael Krapovicky
Saturday, October 22nd 5pm-8pm Steve Jones & Erik Glockler
Sunday, October 23rd 1pm-4pm Fall Festival

Music by Jason Mancine

Thursday, October 27th 5pm-8pm Michael Krapovicky
Friday, October 28th 5pm-8pm Whiskey Dan
Saturday, October 29th 5pm-8pm Corey Hinkle
Sunday, October 30th 5pm-8pm Rodney Sturdee


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